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Ms Rosemary Grahame

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Ms Rosemary Grahame

Clinical Psychologist

Ph.C., B.A. (Hons)., M.A. (Clinical Psych.), MAPS.

My goal in therapy is to enable a person to acquire an increased capacity for satisfaction and contentment through greater self-awareness. I like to address the broader personality factors that underlie symptoms. Symptoms such as anxiety, depression, anger, sleeplessness or somatic complaints are generally indicative of more fundamental issues concerning one’s sense of identity (including gender identity), self-esteem, unresolved resentments, etc.

In addition to personality factors, I also address circumstantial causes of distress such as bereavement and other forms of loss; crises - such as trauma or abuse; relationship problems; concerns about health - fertility, sexual anxieties and ageing; and depression due to external factors.

In almost 30 years as a clinical psychologist I have worked in child and adult psychiatric wards of major public hospitals, tutored Monash medical students, supervised the work of post-graduate psychologists from a number of universities and was Head of Clinical Services at Cairnmillar, where I also lectured in the Master of Psychotherapy course.