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Self Esteem

Treatment for Self-Esteem & Confidence Issues in Melbourne

Know that you Are worth it

Self-esteem is our basic sense of worth or value. A diminished or unhealthy sense of self can make a profound impact in how we feel and function. It can affect our work and relationships and can find its way into even the smallest daily activities. If you feel constant self-doubt, self-criticism, social anxiety, isolation and loneliness, you may be suffering from low self-esteem. Our practitioners can help you build up your sense of self, giving you better relationships, higher levels of confidence, a sense of purpose and less depression, anxiety, anger, shame or guilt.

  • relationship problems; a person may tolerate emotional or physical abuse because they may feel that they deserve it or are not worthy
  • reluctance to take risks; the person may doubt their abilities and avoid challenging situations.
  • fear of judgement; they may go out of their way to avoid certain social activities for the fear of underperforming or being negatively judged
  • low resilience; when a person is presented with a challenging situation, they may find it difficult to cope because of their low self-belief
  • lack of self-care; the person may believe that they are not attractive and may neglect themselves by eating unhealthily, failing to exercise, and in more severe cases, abusing alcohol or turning to drugs
  • self-harming behaviours; low self-esteem puts the person at increased risk of self-harm
  • Self-esteem can be improved, but can take attention and daily practice to boost self-esteem. A psychologist can help individuals with a low self-esteem in various ways:

    • using positive psychology principles to develop resilience, and increase optimism and motivation
    • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – restructuring negative thoughts and behaviours
    • developing a reward system where the individual can reward themselves when they have done something positive
    • understanding the individual’s lifestyle, including family, friends, colleagues, and enhancing social support networks with positive people
    • seeking out pleasurable tasks with a purpose in which the individual can notice improvement and provide self-recognition for their efforts.

    The following practitioners at VCPS provide treatment to those having difficulties with self esteem (click on their name to see their profile):

    Mr Robert Luzza - Consultant Psychologist

    Ms Rosemary Grahame – Clinical Psychologist

    Dr Philip Walsh - Clinical Psychologist

    Ms Serena Thorpe - Clinical Psychologist

    Dr Russell Deighton - Clinical Psychologist

    Dr Peter Wigg – Consultant Psychiatrist

    Dr Cherine Habib - Clinical Psychologist

    Dr Olga Szymańska - Clinical Psychologist

    Ms Leonie Hehir - Consultant Psychologist

    Ms Maria Galatsis – Consultant Psychologist

    Dr Adam Becker - Consultant Psychologist

    Dr Ben Buchanan – Clinical Psychologist

    Dr Judy Dunai - Clinical Psychologist

    Mr Damon Ashworth – Consultant Psychologist

    If you ’re are struggling with self-esteem issues, click here or phone (03) 9419 7172 to make an appointment today with one of our experienced practitioners. Get the confidence to experience life the way you always wanted to.