Annette AllmanClinical Psychologist & Clinical Hypnotherapist

B.A., MPsych(Clinical), Dip.Clin.Hyp., BFA

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Hello, my name is Annette Allman

My expertise is working with adolescents (18+) and adults including couples and families (individual sessions only), who present with problems that are both complex and long-term through to more short-term situational and specific problems. I have skills in working therapeutically at levels of depth where a problem is deep seated, complex and multi-layered, such as problems related to challenging childhood experiences and past trauma. I also have skills in addressing the present day consequences of the past.

I work a lot with people who are experiencing challenges in their daily lives and their relationships and I assist them in dealing with the immediate problems they are facing, helping them to alleviate and overcome these challenges, as well as offering insight and a deeper understanding of the underlying issues and experiences that have created these problems and that perpetuate their problems. My approach is to treat the problem, but also to address the cause of the problem to prevent any recurrence. I work at both a level of depth and across the more wider presentation of their problems. My approach is that of the servant, leading the way to a deeper knowledge of their problem as well as taking them out across their current limitations to gain a wider perspective and understanding of the problem.

My therapeutic style is eclectic, supportive, empowering and responsive. I have been in private practice for more than 30 years and I have learned to listen, really listen to my clients and adjust my approach to meet their needs and serve them on their journey towards healing and reaching their full potential. I utilise a wide range of the approaches from short-term cognitive behavioural therapy, to more medium term solution-focussed and narrative therapy through to a more psychodynamic approach utilising Jungian techniques. I also incorporate hypnosis (where appropriate) into my therapeutic approach to directly address issues, enhance and reinforce the therapeutic gains and to seek a deeper understanding of the issues.

Issues I can help with

ADHDMy Family, My Self
Academic Performance & GiftednessMy Self, My Family, My Children
Adjustment DifficultiesMy Self, My Family, My Relationship
Anger Management My Self, My Family
Anxiety My Self, My Family
Assertiveness Training
Behaviour Management My Family, My Children
Borderline Personality My Relationship
Conflict Resolution
Critical Incident Debriefing
Depression & Mood My Self, My Children, My Family, My Relationship
Disordered Eating
Family PlanningMy Relationship, My Self
Family SeparationMy Children
Gender & Sexual Identity My Self, My Family
Grief & Bereavement My Self, My Family
Gut-Brain HealthMy Children
Health & Lifestyle My Self, My Family, My Relationship
Leadership & Management
Life Transition My Self, My Family
OCDMy Children, My Self, My Family
Parenting My Family
Self Esteem & Self DevelopmentMy Self
Sleep DifficultiesMy Family, My Children
Smoking Cessation
Social SkillsMy Children, My Family, My Self
Stress Management & Relaxation My Self, My Work
Trauma & PTSDMy Self, My Family, My Children
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