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Hello, my name is Dr Anu Paradkar

I work with clients who like to engage in a collaborative style, working on their presenting concerns and distress to create change.

I work with clients who are experiencing psychological distress that may manifest in a wide variety of emotional experiences ranging from the experience of low mood, poor motivation, interpersonal difficulties, relationship difficulties, difficulties in managing emotions such as mood swings/anger, thoughts or acts of self-harm, depression, and anxiety. I also work with adult survivors of sexual abuse. I also specialise in assisting people wanting to better cope with work- or study-related stressors.

My therapeutic style is collaborative and client focused. I help client identify and define what they would like out of therapy, and use a variety of approaches including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) to help my clients achieve a greater awareness of their thoughts, and the relationship between their thoughts, emotions, physiological experiences and their subsequent behaviours. I work with clients to help them change their internal dialogue to facilitate more adaptive coping. My own philosophy is that we all have the capacity to live fulfilling lives despite circumstances. Sometimes we need the help of a specialist to help us recognise that we could be coping better, and to collaborate with us to identify skills already present and help develop new skills that could assist us in working towards goals and mindsets that would help us reach greater fulfillment, live our lives with more passion, and build on our strengths.

I am also an approved AHPRA Supervisor.

Issues I can help with

Adjustment DifficultiesMy Self
AdoptionMy Family
Anger Management My Self
Anxiety My Self
Assertiveness Training
Behaviour Management My Family
Borderline Personality My Self
Depression & Mood My Self
Disordered Eating
Family Separation My Family
Grief & Bereavement My Self
Life Transition My Self
OCDMy Self
Relationship CounsellingMy Self
Self Esteem & Self DevelopmentMy Self
Sexual AbuseMy Self
Social SkillsMy Self
Stress Management & Relaxation My Self
Trauma & PTSDMy Self
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