Dr Richard WiseClinical Psychologist

D.Psych., B.Sc (Hons), M.A.P.S., M.A.C.P.A.

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Hello, my name is Dr Richard Wise

I work with clients who feel daily life is unmanageable, unbearable, or overwhelming. I work with clients who have difficulty managing anxiety, stress, or low mood, and who find their lives shutting down as a consequence of these difficulties. I also see clients who have difficulty coping with their mood by using sedative or stimulant drugs, or who are concerned they may be burning out or developing stress-related depression. I also have particular experience working with individuals who have a history of trauma, and are struggling to cope with traumatic memories.

My main areas of expertise are around stress and anxiety management, substance use problems, low mood, difficulty managing emotions, behaviour change and values-adherent behavioural activation. I work with clients in a gentle and patient manner to enable ways and means of building life back up again. 

My therapeutic style is based on values clarification, compassion, and client-driven behavioural change. I often incorporate these approaches with ACT and other mindfulness-based approaches, cognitive behavioural therapy, schema-focused therapy, and insight-oriented therapeutic approaches. 

I see clients who struggle with:

  • Anxiety
  • Acute anxiety and panic
  • PTSD and complex trauma
  • Low mood
  • Irritability
  • Drug and alcohol dependence or over-use
  • Emotional regulation
  • Impulsive and decision making difficulties
  • Stress and burnout
  • Adult attachment problems and related relationship concerns

Issues I can help with

Adjustment DifficultiesMy Self
Anger Management My Self
Anxiety My Self
Body Dysmorphia
Borderline Personality My Self
Critical Incident Debriefing
Depression & Mood My Self
Drug & Alcohol My Self
GamblingMy Self
Gender & Sexual Identity My Self
Grief & Bereavement My Self
Health & Lifestyle My Self
Leadership & Management
Life Transition My Self
OCDMy Self
Rehab & Injury Counselling My Self
Relationship CounsellingMy Self
Return to Work Assistance
Self Esteem & Self DevelopmentMy Self
Sexual AbuseMy Self
Sexual ConcernsMy Self
Sleep DifficultiesMy Self
Social SkillsMy Self, My Work
Stress Management & Relaxation My Self
Trauma & PTSDMy Self
Work Performance
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