Going through a change is never easy for anyone. During a big life transition, it is expected that a  person will go through a period of stress, worry or sadness. However, sometimes the change is so overwhelming that it causes an inability to function in everyday life. This could be an indication that of an adjustment difficulty or an adjustment disorder, and it may be beneficial to seek professional support.

Adjustment difficulties involve an unhealthy emotional state that is caused by an identifiable stressor or a number of stressors.

The stressors can be ongoing or brief, some examples could include:

  • A relationship break up or conflict
  • Problems at work or school
  • Diagnosis of a disabilities or illness
  • Natural or inflicted disasters
  • Reaching a specific age milestone (e.g. moving to a new home, retirement)
  • Losing someone close to you

You may have noticed that your partner is struggling to manage the emotions of this stressful or traumatic event to the point that it is impairing their ability to get through each day. Or, you may be finding it difficult to adjust to a major life change together as a couple. When you have tried to help your loved one, you may have noticed that it made them feel worse or caused conflict within your relationship, or you may not have been able to help them at all.

The psychologists at VCPS are highly experienced in working with you and your partner individually or together, in order to help build a supportive environment for the concerns to be explored and managed. Some of the help that would be provided includes:

  • Increasing you or your partner’s capacity to cope with changes using evidence-based strategies for managing negative emotions
  • Relaxation training
  • Assisting you or your partner to use the social supports that are around you when a stressor arises
  • Provide a place to discuss any shared concerns or conflict, and work through them together in a calm and supportive environment
  • Help to build a stronger relationship and better communication between you and your partner