Dr Aude PlontzConsultant Psychologist

MPsych, PhD, MAPS

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East Melbourne
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Hello, my name is Dr Aude Plontz

I provide support to individual clients, couples, and families finding their way through a broad range of concerns; from clients curious about how to bring more vibrancy or awareness into their lives, to clients struggling with entrenched feelings of depression or anxiety.

In my work, I uphold values of evidence-based and person-centred practice. I invite my clients to work with me in a collaborative manner from a humanistic perspective, exploring their personal choices and inner experiences with respect and sincerity and striving to adapt my approach to my clients’ preferences. I view psychological counselling as a process aimed at facilitating change in not only observable behaviours and habits of thinking, but also more fundamentally in what could subjectively be experienced as deep emotional or existential shifts. The main counselling methods I utilise are Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT; including exposure, relaxation, & mindfulness - based strategies, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy -ACT, and Schema Therapy) and Emotion-Focused Therapy. I also use interventions from Feedback-Informed Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Solution-Focused Therapy, or Hypnotherapy.

My areas of special interest include:

  • Chronic, entrenched, or pervasive feelings of depression or anxiety
  • Obsessive and compulsive symptoms
  • Trauma and abuse (including emotional abuse and other forms of relational trauma)
  • Life transitions (including grief & loss, pregnancy and birth)
  • Interpersonal difficulties (including work with couples)
  • Clients with a culturally and linguistically diverse background (including clients with a refugee background or French or German-speaking clients)

Issues I can help with

AnxietyMy Family, My Relationship, My Work, My Self
Assertiveness Training
CommunicationMy Relationship
Critical Incident Debriefing
Depression & MoodMy Family, My Relationship, My Work, My Self
Drug & Alcohol My Self, My Family, My Relationship
Family Therapy
GamblingMy Self, My Relationship, My Family
Grief & Bereavement My Self, My Relationship, My Family
Infant LossMy Self, My Relationship
Infant Sleep
Life Transition My Self, My Family, My Relationship
Marriage Counselling
New ParentMy Self
Parenting My Family
Relationship Counselling My Relationship, My Self
Sleep DifficultiesMy Self, My Family
Smoking Cessation
Stress Management & Relaxation My Self
Trauma & PTSDMy Self, My Family
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