Dr Effie FrangoulisGeneral Practitioner

(Specialised interest in mental health & psychiatry) BSc (Honours), MBBS, G.P.

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East Melbourne

Hello, my name is Dr Effie Frangoulis

I am a GP with a special interest in Mental Health. I am an Australian Graduate from La Trobe University (Biological Sciences) and Researcher in Immunology at Royal Children’s Hospital in the past (1984 – 1985) and a Medical Graduate from Queensland Medical School in 1991. I have worked in Australia but also in Europe (UK and Greece) from 1992 to 2011.

I speak fluent English and Greek. Having returned to Australia in 2011, I worked in the area of Mental Health at Southern Health (Adolescent and Adult Psychiatry) and in Community Mental Health at St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne.

As a GP I look at the physical, psychological and social concerns relating to a patient as health overall is defined as being well physically, emotionally and socially. Patients that see me initially will usually have a health assessment which includes a detailed history, presenting current problems, general physical checkup, and if required, certain blood tests and/or other investigations.

If mental health concerns are identified, I can create a Mental Health Treatment Plan and I will assist you with an appropriate referral to our team including disciplines of Psychiatry, Psychology or Neuropsychology. Where required, I am also available to provide ongoing mental health counselling and treatment.

I also provide appropriate General Practitioner Management and follow up for chronic conditions, e.g. Diabetes, Hypertension, Asthma, COAD (Chronic Obstructive Airways Disease), Cardiovascular Disease, Arthritis and Thyroid problems. I will also make referrals to other specialists regarding physical concerns if these are indicated.

Issues I can help with

Anxiety My Self
Depression & Mood My Self
Gut-Brain Health My Self
Health & Lifestyle My Self
Pain Management
Sleep DifficultiesMy Self
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