VCPS is an experienced provider of tailored Employee Assistance Programs for corporations, schools and other entities in and around Melbourne. We work with organizations to provide a quality confidential service that can be accessed either via telehealth or in person. In addition to providing standard individual sessions, VCPS can also provide:

  • Critical incident debriefing

  • Staff wellness surveys

  • Reporting and analysis on well-being trends.

Employee Assistance Program in Melbourne aims to offer employees several services that can help to identify, manage and resolve emotional, psychological and workplace issues that can take a toll on their health and work productivity. Employees can experience such issues in a plethora of areas such as mental and physical health, financial concerns, personal relations, family relationships, and so on.


    EAP Melbourne believes that the most important asset in an organisation is its people. And investing in them could yield the most profitable outcomes in terms of work productivity and employee satisfaction. In fact, it fosters a cohesive and rewarding work environment as well. The EAP program Melbourne has successfully experienced effective results in the form of lower absenteeism, staff turnover and disability.

    What does a workplace Employee Assistance Program mean for your workplace?

    VCPS caters to Corporate EAP Program Melbourne services that provide:

    • Training and counselling sessions to help identify and resolve work performance issues of employees both on personal and professional fronts

    • Regular and in-person psychological consultation, examination, assessment and offering treatment, or referral to a suitable service or resource

    • Suggestions on managing relations between internal and external services to make sure employees achieve the best health responses

    • Improvements in employee wellbeing and satisfaction

    How EAP is useful to your organisation and employees?

    Our Employee wellbeing program Melbourne services can help staff and their managers to:

    • Tackle professional and personal concerns that can hamper work performance

    • To cope with professional and critical situations that include debriefing and settling existing issues

    • Deal with the risk of unexpected events

    • Reduce job-related accidents

    • Boost work performance and efficiency

    • Lower absenteeism and staff turnover

    • Enhance workplace co-operation

    • Appoint and retain employees

    • Lower grievances

    • Help with addiction problems

    • Enhance staff morale and motivation

    • Come up with a management tool to analyse performance and improvement

    • Aid line managers to identify and resolve employee issues

    Training & Development for Organisations

    Our EAP Melbourne services offer training and development sessions for your staff and management that are customised for the environment of your workplace. Training modules include:

    • Tackling difficult clients/customers

    • Dealing with complicated clients/customers

    • Work/lifestyle balance

    • Understanding mental health

    • Performance management

    • Managing ethical dilemmas in clinical and care work

    • Managing organisational change

    • Responding to bullying and harassment including proactive organizational concerns and clinical assistance

    • Encouraging cultural security

    • Communication and negotiation

    • Conflict resolution and mediation

    • Workplace aggression and anger management

    • Addiction management, including managing drug and alcohol use


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