Our families make up an important part of who we are. They can be a main source of support, friendship, love and connection – all of which are crucial when experiencing a difficult period in life. However, as we move throughout different stages of our lives, it is not uncommon for our views to clash with other family members and cause tension within the family.

There are a number of reasons why families may seek professional support when this occurs. Sometimes these revolve around broken communication and relationships within the family, which may appear as increasing arguments, conflict, and negativity between family members.

Other times, there may be one person in the family who is going through a difficult time and this is taking a toll on the family as whole. You may not know how to best help your loved one to get through this period, and your efforts to assist them may seem to make things worse.

There is no blue print for navigating family life and it can deliver many surprises and challenges along the way. Family therapy can be an excellent way to ensure each family member is growing together in a positive direction, with shared understanding and support. Speaking with a psychologist can also assist with managing the impact of mental illness, trauma or unexpected events within the family unit

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