At VCPS, we have experienced, board-approved supervisors. We provide supervision to psychologists, and other mental health workers seeking a program fostering reflective practice.

Our supervisors are available to provide one-to-one or group training, mentoring and support to help you build the skills required to become (or continue being) a confident practicing practitioner. Our supervision programs are available to support both to new and experienced practitioners, and are designed to encourage practitioners to actively think about and evaluate what they do and why they do this. Supervision is usually a weekly or fortnightly consultation (provided in our offices or via video conference), in which the supervise(s) present details of their work and the supervisor provides structured commentary, critiques, comments, advice and feedback.

We can provide ongoing support throughout the course of your career, or training to become registered, or one off assistance where you are seeking support or clarification about matters related to your capacity as a practitioner.

VCPS also provides internship positions for provisional psychologists who are completing a 5 + 1 Master’s university program. This includes professional supervision, exposure to all areas of VCPS practices, learning to build and implement mental health programs, and working with your own clients.

If you are interested in improving your competence and skills as a practitioner, VPCS can assist. Our highly trained and experienced supervisors are able to tailor their support to your needs and help you to build your professional and personal self to be the best that you can be.

The following practitioners are approved AHPRA Supervisors:

To find out more information, please contact us and request to speak with our management team.

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