What is the Australian Defence Force Health Services Contract (ADF-HSC)?

Bupa was recently awarded the Contract to deliver integrated health services and end to end health care for the Australian Defence Force (ADF). The provision of health services under the Contract commences from 1 July 2019 for at least six years.

VCPS has entered into a contract with Bupa Health Services Pty Ltd to be the national provider of off-base psychological services for members of the Australian Defence Force, as a part of Bupa’s ADF Health Services Contract.

These psychological services will be provided across all states via members of VCPS’ Allied Health Provider Network.

Am I required to submit a report after each session?

Psychologists are not required to submit a report after each session. A report is only required after the first session, the sixth session, and the discharge session.

Am I required to use the Bupa Registered Provider Hub?

Psychologists are not required to use the Bupa provider hub or the Bupa Referrals and Booking system. VCPS will provide Psychologists with access to the VCPS system as described in the Service Agreement.

Who is an Eligible Person?

Eligible Personnel means Defence personnel, Reserve members serving on continuous full-time service, Reserve members serving on other than continuous full-time service, and General Reserve-Special Reserve and any other personnel approved by the Commonwealth.

What is the VCPS Allied Health Provider Network?

A nation-wide group of psychologists, other allied health and medical practitioners who meet the clinical and operational requirements of VCPS-AHPN, Bupa and the Australian Defence Force.

What is the role of the VCPS Allied Health Provider Network?

The VCPS’ Allied Health Provider Network is supported by the VCPS clinical and administration team based in Melbourne which provides support in the recruitment, credentialing, training and clinical governance related to the provision of psychological services within Bupa’s ADF Health Services Contract.

Why join the VCPS Allied Health Provider Network as a Service Provider to ADF Eligible Personnel?

VCPS recognises the crucial need for mental healthcare support for members of the ADF and understands the unique nature of the Defence Garrison Health operating environment.

The ADF requires high quality, evidence-based health care to all Defence members, irrespective of their location. By joining the VCPS Allied Health Provider Network, providers have an opportunity to play an essential role in supporting the health needs of Australia’s Defence Force.

VCPS assist providers with efficient processes including:

  • A dedicated provider support team as the central point of contact for the ADF contract,
  • A secure and comprehensive digital health and Defence compliant platform to share scheduling and clinical information between providers, VCPS and referring health practitioners,
  • Ongoing support, training and professional development by VCPS’ Clinical Leads and peer providers,
  • Automated and efficient invoicing submission and processing, and
  • Timely payment.

VCPS seeks to remunerate practitioners fairly for their services in line with the contractual and governance arrangements of this program.

Why do I have to reapply via VCPS and be re-credentialed for this program?

At VCPS we have robust policies and processes relating to clinical governance and credentialing of practitioners in our provider network. We will credential all practitioners whether they are existing providers of services to ADF under the incumbent provider, or new providers. Our credentialing processes ensure the high professional standards of all practitioners associates with VCPS and our program.

The credentialing requirements are in accordance with the requirements of each contract our provider network delivers services into, plus VCPS’ own requirements. You will be advised during the on-boarding process of what information you are required to supply.

Professional references are a key part of our onboarding processes, and as an applicant to the VCPS network your professional referees may be contacted.

How will I be paid for my services?

VCPS will generate for you either a Recipient Created Tax Invoice (RCTI) (if you are registered for GST), or a Recipient Created Invoice (RCI) (if you are not registered for GST) based on the Schedule of Fees.

After finalising expressions of interest from current and new providers, we will finalise the applicable schedules of fees and payments for practitioners under this program.

Can I charge an Eligible Person directly for services?

You must not independently charge an Eligible Person or a third party (including Medicare or private health insurance funds) for any approved service rendered under this program.

What are my GST requirements?

Medical and other health services are sometimes provided under multi-party arrangements, where the service for a client is organised and paid for by a third party. As a VCPS provider, the services you provide under the ADF Health Services Contract are not GST-free. If you are registered for GST, GST is applicable to the supply of your services.

GST is the responsibility of the provider and VCPS recommends you obtain independent advice regarding your obligation to register for GST and your tax liabilities generally. VCPS will pay an amount of GST where you are registered for GST. Where applicable, supplies provided by you under this Agreement will be treated (if you are registered for GST) as a taxable supply in accordance with the relevant sections of the A New Tax System (Goods and Services Tax) Act 1999. You must promptly inform VCPS if your GST registration status changes.

How do I access Referrals from Defence?

VCPS provider network practitioners will be provided with referrals via the program intake systems. The intake process includes determining the location(s) most convenient for the client, matching the client to a suitable practitioner according to their presenting issue(s) and any other client or referrer’s preferences (e.g. appointment urgency/priority, male or female practitioner). The intake team will book the client directly into the practitioner’s available diary slots for an initial consultation (where the practitioner utilises the VCPS scheduling and diary management solution).

Who is responsible for booking follow up appointments?

Practitioners are responsible for co-ordinating and booking future appointments with Eligible Personnel. Appointments must be recorded in the VCPS supplied electronic diary within 24 hours of the appointment being made.

How do I send Clinical Reports?

Practitioners will upload all correspondence for ADF Eligible Personnel to the VCPS secure communications portal.

How can I contact the VCPS team if I have any questions?

Phone the VCPS Provider Management Team on (03) 9067 8820 or email provider@vcps.com.au




















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