The Inside VCPS podcast features thought-provoking conversations with mental health practitioners in Australia. Tune in once a month to get in depth information on the work of a mental health provider and the topics they specialise in.

To listen to our current episodes, click on the links below. We also provide free downloadable information sheets with each podcast, which you can access using the links on the right hand side.


Episode 1 - Inside VCPS: Meet Megan McCabe

Episode 2 - Inside VCPS: Meet Emma O'Connell

Episode 3 - Inside VCPS: Youth Psychosis

Episode 4 - Inside VCPS: Sensory Medical Psychotherapy

Episode 6 - Inside VCPS: Gut Brain Health

Episode 7 - Inside VCPS: Relationships

Episode 8 - Inside VCPS: Chronic Pain

Episode 9 - Inside VCPS: Perinatal Health

Episode 10 - Inside VCPS: Coping Strategies

Episode 11 - Inside VCPS: Mindful Self-Compassion and Compassion Focused Therapy

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